Archery Organizations:  National & State

The National Level

USA Archery

The focus of USA Archery is the development of archers for World and Olympic Competitions.   It does this through its many outreach programs:  Youth Camps, JOAD, Adult Archery Program, Para Archery, Junior Dream Team, Residents Athlete program, Coach Development program, Judge Development Program.

For more information, visit: USA Archery Programs

National Field Archery Association (NFAA)

The NFAA is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of game and its natural habitat. The organization is very active in cooperating with federal and state agencies and sportsmen and conservation organizations. It is resolved to foster, perpetuate and preserve “the use of the bow in accordance with its ancient and honorable traditions.”

NFAA members may compete at NAA national and Regional events and NAA members may compete at NFAA national and Sectional events.

For more information, visit:  National Field Archery Association

International Bow Hunters Organization (IBO)

To unify Bowhunters and Bowhunter organization at an international level for the purposes designed to:   Promote, encourage, and foster the sport of Bowhunting; Bowhunter education; act as a liaison for the betterment of Bowhunters; to function as a clearing house for essential Bowhunter information; to assist and foster the conservation and preservation of wildlife; and to adhere to the basic ideal of the International Bowhunting Organization, Inc. which is the UNIFICATION of BOWHUNTERS.

For more information, visit: International Bowhunters Organization

The State Level

Minnesota Archers Alliance

This is a state organization dedicated to promoting and advancing both the sport as a whole, and individual archers using the guidelines of USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association. The Minnesota Archers Alliance is dedicated to making opportunities available to all archers by promoting and unifying archers from all archery disciplines.

The Minnesota Archers Alliance (MAA) holds both USA Archery and NFAA charters in the State of Minnesota. As a state organization, the MAA is dedicated to promoting USA Archery and NFAA archery at the state, national and world levels, allowing you, the Minnesota archer, the opportunity to take your archery as far as you desire.

For more information, visit:  Minnesota Archery Alliance

Minnesota State Archery Association

Started in 1939, the MSAA is by far the largest and most active archery association in the State of Minnesota. The MSAA has three main goals:

  • Creating opportunities to compete
  • Advocating for and education about archery and the outdoors
  • Providing members the inside track on bowhunting

For more information, visit: Minnesota State Archery Association

Minnesota Bowhunters Inc.

As a community of bowhunters our mission is to ensure that future generations of bowhunters will be able to enjoy the great sport of bowhunting as we have. It is with dedication and commitment to that end that the current board and membership devote our time and talents. It will only be with that same dedication of new and future generations of bowhunters that we will be able to succeed.

For more information, visit: Minnesota Bowhunters Inc.