Who is the NAA?

The NAA is the National Archery Association. The NAA is the National governing body for U.S. Olympic archery. The NAA also promotes international archery events through the USAT and World Teams. Are you interested in trying out for a USAT or World Team? Check back often for information on upcoming qualifying events or visit the NAA website.

Want more information on the NAA?

Start by reading the NAA’s “A Spectator's Guide to Archery” or by visiting the NAA website.

Join the NAA

Membership Benefits :

  • Membership in your NAA-Chartered State Association
  • NAA membership card 
  • NAA decal with new membership
  • Subscription to official NAA magazine
  • Competition and instruction through club programs 
  • Event notices and communication updates 
  • Leadership opportunities on local, state and national committees and boards 
  • Instructor and coach certification
  • Annual state and national rankings
  • Athlete liability insurance 
  • Opportunity to purchase NAA & USAT wearing apparel, books, etc.
  • Training Camps
  • Lifetime friendships in "The sport for a lifetime"
  • U.S. Olympic Archery Team supporter
  • Opportunity to become a member of the U.S. Archery Teams, which compete in International and National events 

NAA Membership Application