Archers attending a Star tournaments are then eligible to receive world recognition should they shoot a world record score. 

USAA requires that the archer's scorecard be submitted to the office so it can be forwarded to FITA for verification. When the score is ratified, FITA sends a World Record Achievement Certificate to USAA which is then forwarded to the archer.

All archers benefit from participating in the Star tournaments. There are FITA Performance Awards that "shall be granted when the competitor achieves the relevant score for the first time in the appropriate event". USAA purchases from FITA a stock of outdoor FITA Star pins for both recurve and compound archers. When the archer achieves one of the score levels to qualify for a pin, he or she should submit the scorecard (or a clear copy) to the USAA office. The scorecard should be signed by the archer and a witness. The complete name and address of the archer plus a payment of $5.00 for the pin should accompany the card so that the award can be processed as soon as possible.

For both the recurve and compound divisions, here are the levels for each of the stars. They are the same for both men and women:

1000 points - Star pin
1100 points - Star on Black
1200 points - Star on Blue
1300 points - star on Red
1350 points - Star on Gold
1400 points - Star on Purple

While the colors are the same for both divisions, the word "Compound" is imprinted on the pins for the compound division.