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Join the MAA

Membership Benefits

  • Only MAA members can compete for awards and state records in MAA-sponsored state championships.
  • MAA members get discounted rates on MAA educational events.

Use the form below to join the MAA alone without any other national affiliations.

All MAA memberships except for those associated with an NFAA membership (see below for details on NFAA memberships) expire annually on October 1st. New memberships received on or after June 1st in any year will be extended to October 1st of the following year. New memberships received prior to June 1st will expire on October 1st of that year.

The MAA encourages its members to belong to one of the two national archery organizations — USA Archery or the National Field Archery Association (NFAA).

NFAA and MAA joint membership

An MAA membership is included with your NFAA dues when you select Minnesota as your state affiliate. You do not have to send a separate MAA membership form to us if you join through the NFAA.

You can join the NFAA (and MAA) on the NFAA's member registration page.

Note: The NFAA will send you a renewal notice when it is time to renew your NFAA/MAA membership. Do not send your renewal fees to the MAA. Renewing your NFAA membership online will automatically renew your MAA membership too.

USA Archery

Membership in USA Archery is required to participate in JOAD and may be required for certain USA Archery events.

USA Archery membership is purchased online at the USA Archery membership web page. Your USA Archery membership fee does not include an MAA membership. You must purchase a separate MAA membership using the MAA membership form.

USA Archery and NFAA reciprocity

NFAA members can participate in USA Archery events by obtaining a free, temporary USA Archery membership. National Field Archery Association (NFAA) reciprocity membership does not apply to tournaments that require JOAD club membership.

USA Archery members can participate in NFAA events without any extra steps by using their USA Archery membership number when registering for the NFAA event.