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MAA Score Database Now Available

By Tim, 02/18/19, 4:00PM CST


If you've ever wondered about how you scored in the NFAA State Indoor in 2013, you're in luck. The MAA Score Tabulator is now available.

The M.A.A.S.T.

The MAA Score Tabulator (M.A.A.S.T.) is an online searchable database of the entire history of MAA events for every round where we track results for state records. Here's what you can do on the site.

  1. Display your entire score history at MAA events. (Option 1)
  2. View current state records for every round where we track state records. You can even view state records for rounds that are officially retired. (Option 2)
  3. See where your scores rank in the all-time list for a specific round. (Option 2, then click on the "Division" link.)
  4. See a list of all current state record holders. (Option 3)

The site is still a work in progress, but we couldn't wait any longer to share the fun.

MAA Score Tabulator (M.A.A.S.T.)

View state records and individual score histories.