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National Field Archery Association in Minnesota

Who is the NFAA?

The National Field Archery Association (NFAA) is the largest archery organization in the world. The NFAA is a membership organization – made up entirely of members. The NFAA is responsible for determining the equipment styles and official rounds that are used at State, Sectional and National NFAA tournaments.  The NFAA offers an indoor archery tour with the largest purses in the World.

If you are interested in competing against the best of the best, the NFAA offers a Pro class for the adult members. Pro class archers compete for money and are eligible to receive Pro Points which are awarded at NFAA official State Tournaments, Sectionals and Nationals. Pro Points give recognition to the top pros in each division.

Want more information on the NFAA?

Visit the NFAA website to learn more about the NFAA and to get information on upcoming tournaments


Information on the new NFAA insurance is now available for you to review the new coverage.

The NFAA has also prepared a helpful checklist to compare coverage if a club is considering purchasing insurance other than the insurance being offered by the NFAA.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the NFAA, please contact Minnesota’s NFAA Director, Bill Hakl at

Membership Benefits

As a member of the NFAA, you will receive bi-monthly issues of Archery magazine, the official NFAA magazine.

Archery magazine is filled with national archery news and information, articles on equipment, regulations, tournaments, and events for target, 3D and hunting archers. There are articles on purchasing, tuning, shooting and hunting with all types of archery tackle. You will read articles written about tournaments and hunts, from experienced archers and hunters. This is a must-see magazine, so don’t miss another issue, sign up now!

The NFAA has a comprehensive awards program for both the hunter and the tournament shooter. Awards begin with patches and pins for the “Cub” archers and progress to the Compton Medal of Honor.

Indoor and Outdoor league programs. Everything preprinted and complete with instructions on how to set up and run your leagues.

Archery instructor and master coach schools are provided for archers seeking to become archery coaches.

Archers shoot against their competition. Shooting styles range from bare compound bows; compound bows with rests, sights and releases; to traditional recurves and longbows; pros, seniors, men, women, young adult, youth and cubs.

Liability insurance is offered to affiliated clubs and pro shops.