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What are the rules for archery equipment?

USA Archery and NFAA have different rules for allowable archery equipment. Please review the guidelines carefully, as failure to comply with the rules will disqualify you from competing in an event or your desired equipment class.

USA Archery

The World Archery equipments rules are enforced at USA Archery events. World Archery's equipment rules can be found in Book 3, Chapter 11 on the World Archery web site.

The maximum arrow diameter for USA Archery events is 23/64″ or 0.37″ (9.3 mm).


The NFAA has many different equipment classes with specific guidelines for nearly all of them. Please review Article II of the NFAA By-Laws for all the details. Bow draw weight is limited to 80 pounds and arrow speed to 300 feet/second with an allowed variance of 3%.

The maximum arrow diameter for NFAA events is 27/64″ or 0.422″ (10.7 mm).

The NFAA has separate divisions for bowhunter and freestyle equipment. Bows in the bowhunter class must have no more than five fixed pins in the sight and a front stabilizer of no more than 12″ as measured from the back of the bow. Check the NFAA by-laws for complete details.

NFAA Equipment Class Descriptions

Follow this link to see additional detail about the specifications of the various NFAA equipment classes.